Meet The Team

Joseph C. Barto, III
Founder and President

3 Rogers Lane
Poquoson, VA 23662

Office: (866) 855-6449 ext. 704
Mobile: (757) 218-8444

Joseph C. Barto, III Bio

Executive Profile: Meet the Founder & President

  • Bachelor of Science, Engineering, United States Military Academy
  • Master of Public Administration, Organizational Theory and Leadership
  • US Army Cavalry Officer, Combat Veteran
  • Operations Manager, Courseware Development and Training Services Company
  • Director, Integrated Learning Solutions Company
  • Recognized expert in Technology Assisted Learning, Implementation, and Program Management and a Published Author

Dana O’Donnell
Executive Assistant

Mobile: (540) 270-5772

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Thomas P. Barto
Director of Business Development

Mobile: (757) 303-0804

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Barto, Joey Headshot 2022

Joe Barto, IV
Program Manager
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Mobile: (757)218-2050

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20200108-Barto, Kevin Headshot

Kevin M. Barto
Program Manager

Mobile: (757) 268-6772

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Doug Smith
Director, Performance Improvement Training

Mobile: (757) 409-8418

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Bruce Warner
Program Manager

Mobile: (757) 254-2860

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Jordan, Vince Headshot 2022

Vince Jordan
Director of Talent Pipelines

Mobile: (757) 642-4982

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Rob Hogan

Rob Hogan
Talent Pipeline Program, Senior Advisor

Mobile: (757) 870-2527

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20240110-Miller, Kristen Headshot

Kristen Miller
Director of Business Operations

Office: (866) 855-6449
Mobile: (540) 295-9313

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Brewer, Bo Headshot 2022

Ambrose “Bo” Brewer
Program Manager

Mobile: (757) 869-2608

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20200131-Eli Vanner-1716

Eli Vanner
Program Manager

Mobile: (757)310-9909

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McNichol, Renee Headshot 2022

Renee McNichol
Program Manager

Mobile: (757) 303-1161

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20240110-Miley, Bill Headshot

Bill Miley
Director of Western Operations – Talent Pipeline Project

Mobile: (973) 570-2209

Daniel-W.-Barto copy

Danny Barto
Program Analyst

Mobile: (757) 272-6955

Jordan, Noel Headshot 2022

Noel Bremus
Program Analyst

Mobile: (757) 646-2181

Noel Jordan Bio

20240110-Hilton, Leilani Headshot

Leilani Hilton
Program Analyst

Mobile: (210) 315-7010

Joe Pedulla
Project Analyst

Mobile: (757) 593-4523

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20240110-Pettit, Kenneth Joey Headshot

Kenneth Pettit
Program Analyst

Mobile: (757)262-8564

20230630-Austin, Allison Headshot

Allison Austin
Program Analyst

Mobile: (703)347-4087

20230630-O'Donnell, Ryan Headshot

Ryan O’Donnell
Program Analyst

Mobile: (703) 447-0596

20240110-Johnson, Damon Headshot

Damon “DJ” Johnson
Program Analyst

Mobile: (520) 275-4416


Vy Barto
Director of Communications & IT

Mobile: (757) 846-5534

Vy Barto Bio

Barto, Tricia 2023 Headshot

Tricia Barto
Director of Talent Acquisition and Team Development

Mobile: (757) 218-8443