Benchmarking Assessment

TMG Benchmarking Assessment and Executive Leadership Team Report

TMG can conduct a Benchmarking Assessment of the operation as a whole or a specific system, such as onboarding and talent retention, production skills training, leader development, and continuous improvement.  Often our initial engagement with a new partner, the scope of a Benchmarking Assessment typically includes conducting an assessment of the business unit or plant’s current state along with data collection from key stakeholders, recent hires, and current 1st line leaders to determine and define potential future state adjustments based upon industry best practices and modern theory to meet current and future business requirements. Based upon our previous work and the analytical findings during our Benchmarking Assessment, TMG will recommend a path forward to analyze, design, develop, implement, measure and transition a modernized and sustainable system.  Deliverables include, but are not limited to:

Planning & Kick Off Meeting
Pre-assessment planning session to share relevant information to better prepare for the on-site assessment and agree on roles and responsibilities along with schedule. Develop Current State Value Stream Map of the system(s) based upon on the scope of the Benchmarking Assessment.

Key Stakeholder Interaction & Data Capture
Using the Value Stream Map, conduct intake interviews with Key Stakeholders including Operational Leadership, Recent Hires, Process Owners, etc.  Collect and analyze current Key Performance Indicators.

Benchmarking Report Out to Leadership Team
Workshop to identify current Strengths and Weaknesses along with recommendations improvements.