Organizational Physicals

A Comprehensive Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Data

An Organizational Physical conducted by TMG, Inc. involves a comprehensive analysis of key performance indicators and workforce data, coupled with qualitative data captured during leader interviews and interactions with high performing teammates.  With decades of collective experience across multiple industries, the professionals at TMG can synthesize this data with industry best practices and out of the box thinking to develop a path forward that makes sense for your business.

Data collected and analyzed during an Organization Physical could include, but is not limited to:

  • Current Workforce Data (Name, Position, Department, Current Shift Assignment, Pay Rate, Date of Birth, Hire Date, Promotion Dates, Direct Supervisor, Manager)
  • Last 5-10 years of Retirement Dates and Terminations for Attrition Analysis
  • Current Pay Rates by Position from Entry Level to Management
  • Total Headcount by Position
  • Plant Financial Data (preferably the last 2 years and future projections)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • HR job descriptions from Plant Manager to Entry Level worker
  • Access to Managers, Heart Beat Leaders, and High Performing Employees for one-on-one interviews
  • Employee Engagement Assessments
  • Advancement Desires Survey & Supplemental Questions
  • Full Plant/Facilities Tour