TMG successfully transitions its Team Performance Improvement Program over to Vulcan Industries

 On June 12, 2019 TMG successfully transitioned its Team Performance Improvement Program over to Vulcan Industries in Birmingham, Alabama. During this time TMG partnered with the Vulcan Leadership to analyze, design, develop and implement the Vulcan Team Performance Improvement Program.

The TMG/Vulcan Team conducted Leader-to-Led Expectations Talks between every Teammate in the business, trained the ECA Leaders on what Engagement is and how to measure Engagement on their team and individual Teammates, and finally developed the ECA 5th Metric Scorecard in order to connect Engagement to their Key Production Metrics.

“Just want to say thanks to you and all of the TMG Organization for giving all of us the tools we need to be a successful leader for our team. I have definitely learned a lot from this journey and will continue to use what I have learned. It has helped a lot of employees down on the shop floor to become more Engaged with what we do. I actually see them take more pride in what they do on the shop floor! I’ve been here at VI for 23 years and have never seen anything like this! It’s truly amazing. Once again, thank you for all of the time and effort you and your team put to make VI a better work place.”

– Vulcan Heartbeat Leader


TMG thanks the Vulcan Team for their partnership and continued support on the journey to “near perfect performance.”