TMG Graduates the First Two Leader Teams
with Arconic in Rancho Cucamonga

On Thursday, June 26, the first two Leader Teams graduated from the Arconic Engines Leader Basic Training Program in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. These 22 Leaders from cross-functional, multi-tiered Teams completed 12 modules (36 Hours) covering a range of subjects focused on providing the tools and instruction for every leader to lead a high performing team. The Mission of the Leader Basic Training Program is to baseline all of the leaders at Arconic Rancho Cucamonga on these tools as well as to serve as a system to prepare Future Leaders to step into a leadership role with minimal ramp-up time.

During their instruction, these Leader Teams learned how to Build Team Engagement, identify and solve problems to root cause, how to resolve conflict and understand personality types, and completed a Daily Problem Solving project using the Lean tool set. Leader Teams Alpha & Bravo are just 2 of 12 teams to be trained in 2019 totaling 120 current and future Leaders of the Arconic Rancho Cucamonga Team!