TMG and Lisi Aerospace develop their 2020 Team Performance Improvement Plans

LisiThe leadership teams from Lisi Aerospace North America’s Torrance and City of Industry Plants met to develop their 2020 Team Performance Improvement Plans during a Building a Dream Team: Heartbeat Leaders First workshop and planning session.

CEO Bill Miley kicked off the session by explaining that the North America business forecast called for high growth over the foreseeable future and to be able to meet their business goals, each plant needed to focus on improving their Team’s performance starting with their 1st Line Supervisors– Heartbeat Leaders.

“I really enjoy working with such motivated groups who are committed to turning the energy created in the Dream Team Workshops into actual plan to train, coach, and improve their team’s performance. It is very empowering to see them turn the corner from motivation to action.” says Joe Barto, Founder and President who facilitated the workshop.

Each plant will complete their plans by November 15, 2019 and begin execution in January 2020.