Plasser American Leaders Take the Pledge!

Plasser America in Chesapeake, VA

Plasser and TMG Train New Leaders

On January 15, 2019, 65 Leaders from Plasser American Corporation took the pledge; “I am a Leader, My Team Plays to WIN!”. Since August of 2018 TMG has partnered with Plasser American to prepare to embark on the road to Perfect Performance. Plasser American is in Chesapeake, Virginia and is recognized as a leader in the industry of railroad maintenance through the manufacturing, service, and contracting of maintenance machines. Plasser American Leaders Take the Pledge!

I am a Leader, My Team Plays to WIN!!

After detailed analysis and planning TMG and Plasser American have completely re-aligned the business to focus on the most important variable in any business, the customer. In order to complete this re-alignment and achieve their full potential, the entire leadership team needed to be baselined on Roles and Responsibilities, the notion of “Perfect Performance” and what must be accomplished on a daily basis to achieve perfection. In all organizations Perfect performance is the goal but rarely is it understood that it is not an individual contribution that drive perfection, but it is the combination of individual contributions on a team that drives perfection. Recognizing that the most important leaders in the organization are the Heartbeat of the business, the Plasser American leadership team has focused first on defining what Perfect looks like and then aligning all other roles and responsibilities to focus on creating an environment where the Heartbeat Leader can have a perfect day – every day!

TMG has developed the tools and over the next several months will be coaching each leader to achieve Perfect Performance through building engaged teams, solving more daily problems to root cause, and developing their teammates. MISSION FIRST — PEOPLE ALWAYS!