TMG H2 757 Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Training (RESERVE YOUR SEATS NOW)

TMG, Inc is committed more than ever in helping our partners achieve perfection. The 757 Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt Training in the first half of the year has successfully transitioned to virtual training via Zoom Meetings. We will continue to ADAPT AND OVERCOME as we begin planning for the 2nd Class of 2020 until the time comes to resume regular face-to-face operations.


This training program is unlike any other in the nation, providing much more than just three days of monthly classroom instruction. Attendees are trained in the DMAIC Problem Solving Tool Set over six months (1 week/mo) while continuously applying that training to execute a legitimate Green Belt project with legitimate cost savings. This program was heavily enriched by the involvement of different industries and operations. Each training phase included a full-plant tour for all trainees and their leaders, which provided the opportunity to see Lean and Six Sigma being implemented in a variety of industries and operations. TMG’s 757 Green Belt class offers an unprecedented opportunity to combine Green Belt Training, Leader Development, Project Execution, and the Cross-Pollination of Industry Best Practices.


Click the link below for more info and to reserve your seats OR contact Danny Barto at or 757-272-6955.