TMG presents Daily Problem Solving Workshop at AME National

On November 8, 2019, TMG Program Manager, Kevin Barto, conducted a 4-hour workshop at the 2019 AME National Conference in Chicago, Il. The workshop titled, Daily Problem Solving, taught the attendees fundamentals of identifying and eliminating process waste to attain more value-added hours throughout the day. As discussed in the workshop, it is the responsibility of the leader to create an environment where there is more “normal” to enable a productive and efficient flow of production. Often, we find that in many organizations the problems that are being worked are usually being worked at the wrong levels of leadership. This creates an environment where upper level leadership is constantly “firefighting” to make it through the near term leaving no one thinking strategically about the problems that will affect the organization down the road. Ultimately this is a leadership challenge to change from a culture of heroic efforts to a culture that empowers more problem solvers across the organization that can solve problems to root cause and eliminate the waste in their day. The workshop attendees learned multiple tools that are easily transferable to any operational circumstance to create their own culture shifts where problems are looked at as opportunities to get better vs. roadblocks or inconveniences that must be dealt with on a daily basis.