COL (R) J. A. Simpson, JR.

“To Joe and the rest of the TMG Team, congrats on 16 years of excellence.  I will tell you and your team that not only have you provided value to your many clients you helped shape my teams.

Joe Barto’s leadership techniques work!  Like Joe, I have a passion for leading and building successful cohesive teams.  Many of my core principles were shaped from observations and discussions with leaders from my past.  Joe Barto and I had more than a few discussions about leading. They were done either over a beer, in the gym, on the golf course or sitting in our offices.  Those thoughts on leadership and building teams helped me in successfully leading a tank battalion through major deployments to SWA and Bosnia.  They again assisted me as a Garrison Commander leading a military installation (Fort Riley) as the mission changed to support our war efforts.  The principles of leading and building teams, transitioning and managing change within organizations was done successfully in the military due in a large part because of the many core leadership concepts discussed back when we were together in the Tidewater area.  I still have our leadership notes in a leadership folder in my desk.

This also held true as I transitioned to the civilian world.  I had a different opportunity than most retiring Colonels.  Most retirees stayed close to what they know, they took jobs as defense contractors or as Department of Defense civilians. I took a leap of faith 13 years ago to join my best friend and brother-in-law to grow and run a logistics company.  The leadership principles developed and implemented in the Army again held true and we have been able to grow a company from 6 to more than 75 folks, in over 35 locations, with $45 million in annual revenues.

So again congrats on building and leading your Team and helping me build my Teams….Keep leading, developing successful teams and making a difference!”